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HOLIDAYS IN LE MARCHE -Central Italy    

There are many reasons to spend a holiday in the Region of Le Marche. It offers visitors the opportunity to sample its beauty, unspoilt charm, history, traditions, delightful atmosphere and friendly people.


Cingoli is a small, enchanting city in Italy’s Le Marche region. Situated 631 meters above sea level it is located in the heart of the Marchigiano hills. From here it’s possible to see the spectacular views and panorama of a large area of the Marchigiano territory and the Adriatic Sea. For this reason Cingoli is referred to as the “Balcony of Le Marche”.

1) Its panorama with sensational 360 degrees views.
2) The walled Medieval city of Cingoli has a wealth of history; in fact its origins can be traced back to the earliest times. On the hill where the city now rises, there were human settlements in the Neolithic period and the Bronze Age. Then, in the 9th Century B.C., Cingoli’s lands were inhabited by the ancient Picene people. In 60 B.C. Cingoli was fortified as an official Roman town by Titus Labienus, a native son of the city and lieutenant to Julius Caesar. It became a free city-state (a “Comune” - a word which is still used today to denote a self-governed Italian city or town) in the 12th Century A.D.; it then became part of the Papal States, as a seat of government, until the Unification of Italy, in the 1860s.

3) There are many famous people who were born in Cingoli. These include Tito Labieno (100 B.C. – 45 B.C.), Francesco Saverio Castiglioni (1761-1830) who became Pope on April 5th 1829 and took the name of Pope Pius VIII, Frà Bevignate (1250-1305), designer of the famous fountain in Perugia and the Cathedral of Orvieto. The 13th Century philosopher Gentile da Cingoli, Giacomo da Cingoli, architect and sculptor (XIII sec.). Donatello Stefanucci, painter (1896-1987) and Giuseppe Cerquetelli (1848-1931) the famous composer of different operas and overtures.

4) There are many monuments and institutions to see and visit which have contributed to the cultural heritage of Cingoli: For example, the Collegiate Church of Sant’Esuperanzio. This is the most important religious monument in Cingoli. Its origins date back to 1139, but the current building, in Romanesque Gothic style, is of the 13th Century. Inside, visitors can admire great frescoes, a panel by Sebastiano del Piombo, and a polyptych (decorated altar panel) attributed to G.A. Bellinzoni of Pesaro. The Church of S. Domenico (13th Century) has a vast elliptical shaped interior and contains priceless paintings including the great altar screen (cm. 384 x 264) by Lorenzo Lotto, ““Madonna de Rosario e Santi”” (1539); the State’s Archaeological Museum, which displays prehistoric artefacts and traces of Cingoli’s Greco-Roman habitation; the town’s Art Gallery, there are many former noble palaces to visit, these dating back through the centuries are sometimes hidden away in the town’s enchanting alleyways, the Sidecar Museum this contains a valuable collection of over 100 motorcycles and sidecars from the very first models of the beginning of the last century to more recent ones.

5) Cingoli is surrounded by over 4,500 hectares (more than 12.000 acres) of forests and woods that offer visitors the opportunity to discover nature in its natural habitat. There are options not only to visit on foot but, by horse or even on mountain bike. Sunflowers which colour the gentle hills, signposted nature trails for those who like trekking, or mountain biking, an emerald green lake, a temperate climate with unpolluted air and varied vegetation, Cingoli is the ideal place for a holiday in the middle of nature and far from the stresses of mass tourism.

6) Cingoli borders the Provinces of Macerata and Ancona. This allows its visitors to make trips to the many other beautiful spots in Le Marche and also to the neighbouring region of Umbria.

7) And we wouldn’t be writing about Italy if we didn’t mention the marvellous food that are unique to this area, products that even today still respect age-old traditional values and flavours. Amongst the “first courses” are the “Carciù” (oversize ravioli filled with ricotta cheese); “Polenta” with a ragu sauce made from goose and flat tagliatelle noodles still cut by hand. Famed even outside the area are the cold meats (“Ciauscolo” a rich, fine sausage; liver salami, and “Larded” salami) and the local pecorino, a hard sheep’s-milk cheese. Famous sweets of antique origin include the Easter desserts, “Ciambella” (a sweet glazed ring-shape bun) and the “Serpe”, a glazed cake coiled like a serpent and filled with nuts and chocolate and scented with exotic flavours such as cinnamon and citrus; and above all, the “Cavallucci di Cingoli” (Cavallucci means “ponies” in Italian), aromatic nut-filled horseshoe-shape cookies found in the bakeries at Christmas time. The excellent cuisine of Le Marche is steeped in agricultural tradition and the many dishes typical of this area are best accompanied by its local wines: Rosso Conero, Rosso Piceno or Verdicchio.

8) There are various bed and breakfasts located in the Cingoli area who are members of the Cingoli Bed and Breakfast Association - Balcony of Le Marche. Each one offers visitors a friendly and caring service, courtesy and hospitality.


One of the principal aims of our B&B Association is to promote tourism in this unique form of hospitality in which a warm family welcome, together with an excellent knowledge of local traditions, customs and culture are paramount. The fascination of a stay in a Bed & Breakfast is based on the diversity and individualism of each host. Some give more importance to the characteristics of the environment, others to a variety of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, guided visits to monuments, or art galleries, gastronomic tours, etc. Whether you choose a holiday in the countryside or in the historic town centre of Cingoli your host will make your stay comfortable.

Please contact us for more information and we wish you a marvellous and unforgettable stay in Cingoli. 

Associazione B&B "Balcone delle Marche"

Francesca Gozzoli, President


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